100% USDA Organic Artisan Hemp.

Each product is certified as USDA Organic by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

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Kentucky Growers is the combined efforts of our growers. The farms where these products come from cover the entire state from the east Appalachian Mountains to the Mississippi river. By using diverse organic practices, and a variety of strains, we produce the ultimate full spectrum oil drops from organic hemp flowers.


All products are grown and processed under the close supervision of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture


40 cents of every dollar you spend goes directly into the farmer’s pocket


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About Us

We are a small group of like-minded USDA Organic hemp growers from the rolling hills of Kentucky. We want to bring the farmer’s market directly to your home, no social distancing necessary.

By supporting us, you benefit by buying thoughtfully grown, 100% USDA organic products. This gives you confidence that the products you consume have no harmful ingredients and a positive environmental impact. We benefit from fair trade principles, which means your dollars go directly into farmers’ pockets rather than the pockets of big-box retailers (ahem, Jeff Bezos).

The Growers

Each grower, while different in experience, practices, and offerings, shares the common values of a small organic grower. Our goal is to produce products that we can be proud of, using methods that are environmentally friendly.

We work to provide to you the characteristics that make each farm unique so you can make a thoughtful decision.  We try to give you a feel for the product you are buying. We review its strain, taste, color, and effect according to the experts.

Each farmer is a USDA Organic grower certified by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture with all certificates proudly displayed on this site.

The Products

Each product is certified as USDA Organic by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

To match you with the best product for your needs, we provide the characteristics that make each product – and farm – unique. Experts review the strain, taste, color, and effect of products, and we summarize the farm’s methods, layout, and history.

If you feel overwhelmed by all the different product options, we recommend the Kentucky Growers’ Turbo Blend, which provides a full spectrum of cannabidiols and terpenes from multiple Kentucky Grower farms that can’t be matched. .

The Concept

Every product is cultivated and harvested by hand from organic whole hemp flowers through artisanal organic extraction methods. First, we inspect the flowers, assuring the final product is made from whole flower and includes minimal stems and stalks. Flowers are gently handwashed in 100% organic ethanol at a temperature that absorbs the cannabidiols and terpenes without absorbing the chlorophyll.

Next, we filter and distill the wash, removing the alcohol in a copper still in an age-old Kentucky tradition. This gives us a tasty, full spectrum product with all the beneficial compounds that this amazing plant provides.