Advantage of a CSA CBD agreement

January 21, 2020 Off By thaselden

We feel providing good products to savvy consumers is not transactional. It’s based on building a good two-way relationship. We provide a pure and consistent product and the consumer provides a stream of ongoing business. This has been formalized in farmers markets as Community Supported Agriculture. While our community is a digital community the relationships are the same.

You save time by going
directly to a reputable organic grower, making a decision, and have it
automatically, discreetly, delivered to you on a monthly basis. You save money
through discounts by enabling a two-way relationship where we can plan on your
order and you can plan on our consistent, pure organic product. We also give
our CSA customers additional discounts on new products.

Our plan is called 10-20-30, we give you a 10% discount on the first bottle, 20% on the second, all the way to 30% on the fourth and all subsequent bottle. If you order 4 bottles over 6 months the fifth bottle will still will still be %30 even if it ordered the next year. This can provide significant saving to consumers with chronic issues where CBD oil helps.

Basically, by growing seed to shelf our margins are significantly different than a retailer. Check out our Economics of Hemp Oil. This plan allows us to share these saving with our serious customers.