Eve – an autobiography by our hemp plant

January 21, 2020 Off By thaselden

My mother was a beautiful, green, sativa, woman. She was careful about her diet and only consumed the best of organic foods. I came from a large family and remember the day I was born. I was carefully removed from my mother and bathed in an organic bath of honey and willow bark which made my roots tingle and grow. I was placed in a day care with lots of light and a covered dome to keep me safe and showered on a daily basis as I grew my new roots.

After a month in daycare I was ready for the real world. My care givers placed me in a larger home, outside, where I could stretch out and be warmed by the Kentucky sun and rest under the Kentucky blue moon. My care givers paid excellent attention to my growth and watered and fed me on an organic diet much like my mother.

After several weeks I had strong roots and was ready for field work with my sativa sisters. The caregivers provided me with a most comfortable bed to do my work and grow. They even added some dark rich organic soil and nutrients to my bed so I would want for nothing.

During the summer I worked and grew, sometimes almost an inch in a day! My roots spread out, and the caregivers were so thoughtful to remove those pesky weeds by hand so I could feel the full sun on my face and stretch and grow. Each night I receive an ample supply of organic foods and waters to get me through the next day. Life was good.

Once I matured and sparkled with CBD diamonds I was brought indoors where my care givers carefully trimmed my flowers making sure each was healthy and green. Then they dried my leaves in a warm gentle breeze.  For weeks I enjoyed the rest in a peaceful hammock in our old homey barn. Happy times!

From my hammock my caregivers carefully transferred me to a cooler place where temperatures were well below freezing, it felt good to be bathed in an alcohol bath and hand washed by my caregivers. I then spent a little more time in frozen conditions winterizing so that I was pristine and pure. From there I was in a river of alcohol where I flowed into a big copper vessel, they called a still. Here things got quite warm and my alcohol friends departed so I was left by myself.

My caregivers then filtered me many times to make sure I was pure, then I met another oil like me, he was MCT. He was also organic and we fell in love, were mixed, and were married. Now our home is in a safe brown glass bottle where we live excited to make our mark by helping some one else in the real world.