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Kentucky Growers is the combined efforts of our growers. The farms where these products come from cover the entire state from the east Appalachian Mountains to the Mississippi river. By using diverse organic practices, and a variety of strains, we produce the ultimate full spectrum oil drops from organic hemp flowers.

About Us

We are a small group of like-minded USDA Organic hemp growers from the rolling hills of Kentucky. We want to bring the farmer’s market directly to your home, no social distancing necessary.

By supporting us, you benefit by buying thoughtfully grown, 100% USDA organic products. This gives you confidence that the products you consume have no harmful ingredients and a positive environmental impact. We benefit from fair trade principles, which means your dollars go directly into farmers’ pockets rather than the pockets of big-box retailers (ahem, Jeff Bezos).

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  • $49.99$89.99

    Kentucky Growers Turbo Blend uses the diverse organic practices, the flowers from over five CBD stains of both Sativa and Indica to produce the ultimate full spectrum CBD blend. Because its a blend it has the properties of all the strains listed on this site, it probably has the most diverse and full body taste

    This extract is mixed with 100% organic MCT oil and produces a darker tea colored oil with a great full earthy taste and nice finish, void of any waxy or oily taste. 




    KYGrowers ‘Turbo Blend’

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  • $49.99$89.99

    While each bottle has the same 1000mg potency this flower was the most potent strain we have processed. Bred by Oregon CBD it received 1st place in ‘Cultivation Classic’ and ‘WeedCon Buyers Cup’ in 2019. Suver Haze crosses a high-performance Suver #8 and Early Resin Berry. You will find reviews on the internet that suggests it provides more of an uplifting feeling and may help with stress and anxiety. Possibly a good pick me up during the day or stress relief at night. This extract has been mixed with 100% organic MCT oil to produce a coffee colored oil that has no waxy taste. While the initial taste of the broad-spectrum CBD is unmistakable, it quickly disappears without any lingering taste. We think its high potency allows a mix ratio that may be one of our mildest tasting oils.


    Simply Bluegrass ‘Suver Haze’

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