Pine Mountain Remedies

In 2018, Nathan Hall formed Pine Mountain Remedies to organically produce hemp and CBD products in Appalachia. Nathan brought with him over six years of organic farming experience in the Appalachian area.

Pine Mountain Remedies operates the Smith Creek farm, which sits in a deep hollow (known locally as a “holler”) on the southern side of the majestic Pine Mountain in Letcher County, close to Bad Branch Falls nature preserve. The hemp grows undisturbed in the midst of mountains that admit plenty of sunlight while forming a natural protective barrier, with Smith Creek flowing along the northern side of the fields and a steep hillside rising along the southern side. Isolated from conventional farming infrastructure, water for the hemp is drawn from a natural spring.

Pine Mountain Remedy grows its hemp on a gently sloping 2-acre field that was once a horse pasture. It had remained fallow for at least 20 years, allowing nature to purify the soil. They farm practicing strict organic methods that include alley cropping and fall cover cropping. After experimenting with plastic mulch, Pine Mountain Remedies decided to use all-natural weed-control methods in 2020 and going forward. Nathan is developing his own organic compost tea and fermented native vegetation solutions to provide their plants with additional nutrients and encourage microbial growth in the already rich soil.

After harvesting, plants are hung to air dry and hand bucked. The crop is stored in a humidity-controlled building until processing, and is regularly monitored to ensure no mold can develop and conditions are ideal for preservation of the terpenes and beneficial compounds found in the flowers. In 2019, Pine Mountain Remedies produced five strains of hemp: CC Cherry, Cherry Blossom, Otto, Endurance and Sweetened. In 2020, they are introducing several new strains including CBG Berry, CBGenius (both CBG strains), Goliath, Peach Goliath, Stormy Daniels, The Bull, Golden Redwood, and Carolina Dream.

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