Simply Bluegrass Farm

Alice, Joe, and family (Courtesy of Becklynn Bleu Photography)

Owned and operated by an independent, dedicated young couple, Alice and Joe, Simply Bluegrass has over three years experience growing hemp. They originally started by selling organic eggs, then moved their focus to organic hemp and are now adding strawberries, garlic, medicinal plants like echinacea and arnica, and sunflowers to their organic crops. The farm’s layout consists of beautiful rolling hills in the bend of a babbling creek and is completely off the grid. Their 22 organic-certified acres, located in Anderson County, Kentucky, sat dormant for 20 years. Now their efforts have paid off, transforming the land into organic pastures and fields while leaving pre-existing native habitats and native plants untouched.

Simply Bluegrass Crop

Simply Bluegrass Farm’s hemp crop, fed by rainwater and protected by natural predators, happily grows in a loose soil covered by clover and enriched with organic amendments. Nothing goes into their fields unless they know exactly where it came from. This regenerative agriculture technique with crop rotation is truly an organic wonder.

Joe in front of his Suver Haze

Experienced with a number of strains like CBD Rx Cherry and Suver Haze, in 2020 they are also planting 2 acres of Hawaiian Haze and White CBG. Hand-harvested and air-cured hanging in a barn, each plant is hand-stripped to maximize the potency of their final product. Each crop is third-party tested multiple times throughout its life span to ensure that its CBD potency is within the desired range. 

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Simply Bluegrass’s USDA Organic Certificate


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  • $59.99$99.99

    Simply Bluegrass Farm’s White CBG delivered a high CBG extract with little CBD. While both of these compounds are cannabinoids, they have different functions and may be helpful in reducing the symptoms of different ailments. You will find articles on the internet that suggest that CBG may be able to improve the following health conditions:

    • Inflammatory bowel disease
    • Glaucoma
    • Bladder dysfunctions
    • Huntington’s disease
    • Bacterial infections
    • Cancer
    • Appetite loss

    While these studies are promising, it’s important to remember that they don’t confirm the benefits of CBG.
    Despite this, they share numerous similarities and there appears to be several places where therapeutic overlap can occur such as sleep, anxiety, and pain.


    Simply Bluegrass ‘White CBG’

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  • $49.99$89.99

    While each bottle has the same 1000mg potency this flower was the most potent strain we have processed. Bred by Oregon CBD it received 1st place in ‘Cultivation Classic’ and ‘WeedCon Buyers Cup’ in 2019. Suver Haze crosses a high-performance Suver #8 and Early Resin Berry. You will find reviews on the internet that suggests it provides more of an uplifting feeling and may help with stress and anxiety. Possibly a good pick me up during the day or stress relief at night. This extract has been mixed with 100% organic MCT oil to produce a coffee colored oil that has no waxy taste. While the initial taste of the broad-spectrum CBD is unmistakable, it quickly disappears without any lingering taste. We think its high potency allows a mix ratio that may be one of our mildest tasting oils.


    Simply Bluegrass ‘Suver Haze’

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