Pot ‘n Kettle ‘Sweetened’ 15ml Free Sample


Kentucky Growers is offering the same 100% USDA Organic Full Spectrum 1000mg “Sweetened” in a sample size of 15ml at no charge to our special friends. Add to your cart, proceed to check out and we’ll even throw in shipping!



Sweetened is a Sativa dominant strain and a cross between Cherry X and Otto Sweetened. You will find reviews on the internet that suggests it provides more of an uplifting feeling and may help with stress and anxiety. Possibly a good pick me up during the day or stress relief at night.

This extract, is mixed with 100% organic MCT oil, and produces a lighter tea colored oil with a great taste and nice finish, void of any waxy or oily taste and a subtle earth finish.

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Pot ‘n Kettle farms is owned and operated by two sisters, growing was a natural extension of the organic farming they did to put a variety of tomatoes, squash, peppers, and herbs on their own table for years. Located in the Franklin county on a small farm it is buffered from traditional agriculture by a creek running along one side and grassy meadows on the other. With a full sun on a terraced slope it offers an excellent well drained growing environment for hemp. The field was once a horse farm and has been untouched by non-organic products as long as anyone can remember. <Learn More>


  • 100% USDA organic hemp
  • 100% USDA organically processed CBD
  • Full spectrum with all the benefits of the cannabidiol entourage effect
  • All farming and processing reviewed and certified by Kentucky Department of Agriculture
  • Direct from our farms to your shelf
  • Supports small farmers 20-fold over conventional retail
  • Because there are no middle men and no investors we can offer Fair Trades
  • CSA agreements available

As a certified 100% USDA CBD grower all our farms are inspected by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture and a detailed plan must be provided listing all inputs and practices. More can be found here

As a certified processor all our products are processed to the strictest of standards and also reviewed and approved by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. More can be found here


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